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Our common visions and values penetrate all levels of the organisation. At CTT we pride ourselves on providing our clients with efficient and accountable services necessary for them to meet the demands of today's ever changing business environment. We recognise the important role our people play in delivering excellent customer service and we are committed to attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent, as we continue to focus on being a people company.

We are able to appreciate our clients' exact requirements thus providing valuable solutions that really work. Whether addressing the needs of a small national company or a large multinational organisation, it is our flexible, innovative and reliable approach that is the cornerstone of our ability to build and sustain outstanding client relationships. With leading positions in our operating markets we will continue to provide a first class service to our clients, a service that is as accountable as it is effective.

Our objective is to provide information about CTT matters concerning the travel industry in general, and, where possible, the latest news from our partners, key suppliers and regulatory authorities. We will also continue using this site as part of a communication process with our customers.

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