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Group Philosophy

Mission Statement 

"Our mission is to deliver high quality Professional Advice, through Expertise, Research and Customer Satisfaction. Therefore, we meet the needs and expectations of our clients and set the highest standards of advice in our field achieving an Orbit of satisfaction as a whole".    

Our Vision and Values

In Cyprus Trade & Tours we are committed in building communication relations and delivering excellent customer service. We employ highly motivated and talented people that meet the needs of this business, work as a group and create an environment for more people to come. 

Our values are the backbone of our business success. They set our vision and describe our future strategies and goals. They define who we are and how we treat our customers, but most importantly, the group spirit established within the organisation. 

In Cyprus Trade & Tours you will experience honesty, professionalism and commitment. These values describe our company and give us a competitive advantage over similar organisations within the same industry. 

At CTT we listen, we understand and then we offer solutions. We are dedicated and motivated to provide our clients with the best possible travelling solutions according to their needs. Our employees go through trainings and seminars in order to be able to confront all challenges in the sector and also develop their skills even further. 

As we wish to serve the client for the long term, we recognize the need to outperform industry benchmarks and offer the best possible service. "Our philosophy is based on a commitment to in-depth analysis of the travel and tourist sector fundamentals".  We aim to provide solid ideas, which have a good upside potential.